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Cost improvement

Even the best run businesses and companies are facing the day to day pressure of rising material costs and labor cost increases. The need for the equipment to run faster, more efficient and with less maintenance is greater than ever. Consolidating suppliers, higher and tighter quality requirements are additional factors in these never ending requests for lower costs. We claim, that we understand most of our clients technologies, equipment bases and operation concepts, as well as their suppliers and customers. Our highly skilled and very experienced people have operated and worked in manufacturing plants, production sites and lead operation teams locally and globally. At Aperia International we have combined best practices, state of the art technology concepts and our long experience to help you in identifying and achieving cost reductions – far beyond what has been planned. We implemented Lean/SixSigma, project control and maintenance concepts many times and therefore we are convinced, that we will add value to your operations too. Be it for a brief ‘outside in’ assessment or longer term improvement activities: our people start on day ‘one’ – no costs wasted on cost reduction projects.


We are proud to point out, that we do have a long standing expertise in improving safety at our clients manufacturing plants! Most of the time this goes hand in hand with the improvement projects we run at clients sites. We at Aperia International are familiar with the premier working processes in order to improve your work force safety! It is part of our principles, to leave a project and the clients production sites in much safer conditions than how we found it at the start of a project. Please let us know if you want a “Safety Improvement” only project – we are more than happy to oblige.