Operational Excellence

“…Operational Excellence is comprehensive management and leadership philosophy which puts your customer`s requirements in the focus of all your activities. The target is to install and life a company-wide, continuous improvement system. Elimination of all kind of waste ensures value generation within the whole organization and alongside the complete supply chain. Operational Excellence stands for the permanent strive for perfection.
During long time we took our observation what do successful companies do different to those didn`t. We found that they have a few factors in common. They all center their improvement activities around a more longer-term and larger “picture” striving for excellence.”

We have found six common areas in which successful companies excel and where they focus to be or become excellent in. In our Operational Excellence survey companies can evaluate their Operational Excellence Score during a self-assessment and thus identifying their own potentials for improvement.

Aperia International, with its experts across the entire production value chain, is uniquely positioned to provide more detailed information and assist with further discussions.