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We at Aperia International have managed, overseen, created, stopped, seen through, reviewed and directed more than a thousand projects. We are familiar with all the relevant stage gate, project and process management methods and are very confident to be able to improve your innovation part of the business. Our tools are fairly simple, our observations are straightforward and to the point, our experience and expertise can help you find out what works and what does not. We consult on ideation, stage gate systems, effective and efficient control and guidance mechanisms. We understand pipeline management, material and formulation science, modular developments, product architectures and platforms, design and development. As our people have many years of ‘hands on’ operational experience and do speak the functional language of your staff, we can engage at every level of your organization. Combined with an outside in assessment from the top of your organization, we can be a challenger to your innovation strategies and we can be a working partner for your innovation leaders as well.