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The Principle

Our proprietary software PriceForce® works on both – Mac and Microsoft – environments and is an effective, intuitive way to not only improve a company’s top line, but helps to manage the orientation and focus towards the customers. Dividing your customer base in small, medium and large accounts with a low, medium and high margin or profitability the program will create an individually tailored 9 box matrix with distinct action plans. With one chart multiple businesses, certain product lines or projects can be easily mapped to the respective customer side. A straightforward graphic display delivers transparent results on areas where focus is needed and where resources need to be deployed.

The Software

Installation is simple – plan for 3-4 man days maximum from our side. This includes the first training of your employees. The software is intuitive to use and easy to install. The data interface takes place via Excel in an accessible and clear process, which can be easily handled and managed. The software allows for imports of files with up to 100,000 records or data sets. Download a demo here: [create a place holder] This demo version allows you to import up to 20 data sets. You can use those to ‘play around’ and understand the methodology behind PriceForce®. This will give you a first glance of this powerful tool.


Depending on your specific purchased package, there will be a number of user licenses. Those are distributed during the installation process. Upon the first time use, the individual activation key needs to be entered. The software will check automatically, that the key is registered and linked to your company, and then you are free to go. The are no license fees or other any other hidden charges – we like it simple.